Parcours Gouin – Gouinfre Café

 10905 Rue Basile Routhier, Montréal, QC H2C 0A8

The Goinfre Café is a food service held in the reception pavilion of the Parcours Gouin. In summer and winter, it can satisfy users who are a little peckish or very thirsty! Snacks and beverages are served year-round, and cold dishes are also available during the summer season. Le Goinfre Café is taking the same care as the building that houses it, that is to say, to follow the path of sustainable development! The products offered are chosen to encourage community organizations, for their organic and fair trade certifications or for their environmental aspects. The café also showcases local businesses. Burner – Coffee. Camellia-Sinensis – Teas and herbal teas. Fous de l’île – Bottled Kombucha. LOOP – Cold pressed juice. Pops Art – Iced pops and popcorn. SNAC (Service de nutrition et d’action communautaire) – Muffins, dessert breads, sandwiches and more. UKA Protein – Bold soft bars. Camino – Hot chocolate

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Address: 10905 Rue Basile Routhier, Montréal, QC H2C 0A8

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