By becoming a member of the Circuit Zéro Déchet, your business contributes to helping consumers move towards a more eco-responsible lifestyle. You are more than a store, you are part of the solution!

A steadily growing platform

Without any advertising, our website attracts more than 35,000 new visitors every year, 97% of whom are from Quebec. Since its founding, Circuit Zéro Déchet has seen a 45% increase in visibility per year, especially due to the many news and entertainment media that promote it.

Customized registration

Our team takes care of you and your customers. All you have to do is to fill out the form and enter your choices of plan and exposure. We will consult your registration request and, if any details are needed, we will take the time to contact you.


The Circuit Zéro Déchet is available in French and English.

Improved navigation

With the added advanced search engine and specific filters, including geolocation, we want to make the user experience easier and more personalized. Your store is therefore easier for the consumer to find.

Affordable price

Our website is available free of charge to all consumers who want to buy products without packaging. Thus, all our membership fees include a location on our interactive map, as well as the chance to be found by our search engine.



Become a member in only 3 steps!

1)  Our mission, to help the consumer to reduce waste from recurring purchases.

All restaurant or food service businesses that are members of Circuit Zéro Déchet must offer products in bulk, products in refundable containers (more than 40%) and/or accept customer containers at the service counters. All our members must be authorized by the MAPAQ or Health Canada in the sale and/or manufacturing of their products. In an attempt to reduce waste related to the textile industry, we now accept second-hand clothing stores on the Circuit Zéro Déchet!

Allowed stores:

  • Artisan making food, body and/or maintenance products;
  • Eco-friendly store;
  • Sports nutrition store (bulk section only) ;
  • Natural health care store (bulk section only);
  • Food store such as a grocery, butcher's shop, bakery, and more ;
  • Restaurant or catering business ;
  • Zero waste grocery ;
  • Online Zero-waste grocery store with delivery;
  • Purchasing unit or purchasing cooperative;
  • Educational and/or entertainment center with a food section;
  • Garden center (see refused businesses);
  • Common drugstore counter;
  • Spa, hairdressing or beauty centre;
  • Thrift stores;
  • Microbrewery (filling service only);
  • Family farmer.


We will not accept any business using the label "zero waste" to sell products judged to be harmful to human health and/or the environment, even if they are sold in bulk. E.g. : pesticides, insecticides and motor vehicle products. Although we are conscious that these products are in common use, we do not promote them. If you believe that your product fits in this category, but you wish to submit your initiative, please contact us so that we can submit your application to a committee.

2) Just apply and we'll take care of the rest.

The Circuit Zéro Déchet is committed to managing and promoting the website. Your only task is to provide us all the information related to your "zero waste" service offer so that we can fill you file. Our registration form has been specifically designed to ensure that the information submitted is to its full potential. If during the subscription process, some information needs to be changed, please contact us and we will edit it for you.

3) Payment

We currently use PayPal to accept payments. You can pay anytime with your credit card, without needing a private account linked to this payment gateway. If you have any difficulties with our system, please contact us so that we can help you fill out your registration.


2 packages to meet your exposure needs

VIP Member


As an VIP member, you improve your standard package by adding the following services: on our homepage, a place in our random advertising space with a "star" evaluation service, up to 6 photos on your business file, as well as a "comments" section so that our users can evaluate your services.

Basic Member


The basic subscription includes the registration of your store on our interactive map and in its search engine. On your business file, you will find your trade name, logo, website, as well as a short description of the "zero waste" products available in your store. As an option, you will receive a decal "Here we accept your own containers" with your membership, for a shipping fee.



Looking to get involved in order to grow the Circuit Zéro Déchet's mission in your area? Become a partner! Your logo as well as a link to your philanthropic organization will then be integrated to our home page as a way of thanking you. Contact us to get a quote and learn more about our conditions.