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What's the Circuit Zéro Déchet

Every year, Quebecers send more than 400 kg of residual materials to landfill sites per citizen in the residential sector. Recurring purchases, such as groceries, account for more than 70% of the packaging we take home. What if we had access to solutions to reduce all that waste at the source?

The idea of bringing together online all the "zero waste" businesses offering bulk products, as well as more conventional ones, by using a geolocation search system may seem ambitious, but we've made it happen. Since 2017, Circuit Zéro Déchet believes that facilitating access to this new way of buying in stores will enable more people to take the first steps and reach their goal more quickly. With the Circuit Zéro Déchet, it’s easier to reduce waste at the source!

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Our mission

Our mission is to help the consumer reduce waste from recurring purchases. We therefore carefully select our members based on certain social and environmental features to enable people to make more eco-responsible choices.

We also place great importance on providing reliable, fact-based information on our website. Thus, we have created a tool for consumers to better understand their role and responsibilities in this way of purchasing products. In addition, Circuit Zéro Déchet offers free access to a food hygiene and safety guide inspired by the MAPAQ, in order to allow the restaurant and food service industry merchant to offer its services in a safe way.

We truly hope that moving towards a "zero waste" lifestyle will be more accessible and sustainable for everyone!