Le Silo Épicerie Bio-Vrac

 385 Rue King E, Sherbrooke, QC J1G 1B4

5.0 rating

The Silo Bio-Vrac grocery store, a “bulky” experience! Located in the heart of Sherbrooke’s East End, this human-scale grocery store, concerned about the well-being of its generous planet, offers local, organic and fair-trade products. With no shells or peels, the precious foodstuffs are offered in bulk, to the delight of its clientele, who can choose the appropriate quantity. At the Silo, everyone’s containers and bulk bags are welcome. For a community that is looking towards “zero waste”, Le Silo offers a solution with a minimum of packaging and a maximum of quality! Bring your own containers!

What did you like about this business?

Des bons produits locaux, frais, en vrac et bio! On trouve tout ce dont on a besoin!:)

5.0 rating

La meilleure épicerie vrac!

5.0 rating


Address: 385 Rue King E, Sherbrooke, QC J1G 1B4

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