Épicerie Le Haricot Magique, Coop de Solidarité

 506 Rue Saint-François E, Québec, QC G1K 2Z4

We offer almost everything in bulk! We always favour short routes, convenience stores and local. Products: Fruits and vegetables (local farms and organic in season), eggs, milk, pasta, flours, PVT, sugars, chocolates, peanut and almond butter, tahini, maple products, spices and fine herbs, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, teas, coffees, herbal teas, ready-to-eat (cooking on site), body care products, household products, containers and bags, local crafts, etc. We tend to offer most of the foods and products found in traditional grocery stores, but without waste!

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Address: 506 Rue Saint-François E, Québec, QC G1K 2Z4

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