Drasca, Surcycleur de drêches

 1977b Rang Kempt, Saint-Alexandre, QC, Canada

We overcycle the spent grains from the brewing of beer, from Quebec microbreweries, transforming them into tasty pizza dough and crackers. All sold in bulk or in compostable packaging. To produce 1000 liters of beer, 300 kilos of spent grains (barley) are usually thrown away. With 300 kilos of spent grains, we can make almost 700 kilos of crackers. So we are providing an innovative solution for upgrading them. We favour the use of Quebec raw materials. We use exclusively Quebec red wheat flour from the relief mills. Our products are rich in fiber, protein, minerals and prebiotics!

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Address: 1977b Rang Kempt, Saint-Alexandre, QC, Canada

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